About the classification and introduction of LCD screen

Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a kind of flat-panel display. It is used for the screen display of TV and computer. In fact, the advantages of this display are low power consumption, small size, and low radiation. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, let me tell you some relevant information about it. Hope to help you. 


Liquid crystal displays use a liquid crystal solution in two polarizing materials, and when an electric current passes through the liquid, the crystals rearrange to achieve imaging. Beyond that, it is important to know that passing an electric current through the liquid causes the crystals to rearrange so that light cannot pass through them. Thus, each crystal acts like a shutter that both allows light to pass through and blocks it.

At present, scientific and technological information products are developing in the direction of lightness, thinness, shortness and smallness, and display products with a long history in computer peripherals are of course no exception. On the premise of being easy to carry and transport, traditional display methods such as CRT picture tube monitors and LED display panels are subject to factors such as excessive size or high power consumption, which cannot satisfy users. actual demand. The development of its technology is just in line with the current development trend of information products. Therefore, whether it is a right-angle display, low power consumption, small size, or zero radiation, the LCD we make will allow users to enjoy a better visual environment.

 In addition, the technology is widely used in general electronic products , such as calculators, digital watches, mobile phone screens, instruments used in hospitals (for radiation measurement purposes) or screens on digital cameras, etc. Our products have the advantages of high contrast, high brightness, fast response, wide viewing angle and low power consumption. While we ensure the reliability of product quality, we also benefit our customers. If you have any technical questions about the product, you can contact us at any time.

 In fact, the products here also have different levels of viewing angles, colors, contrast, and animation display quality, which makes it a clear difference in the range of applications of the products.

As far as the current application range and level of liquid crystal display technology is concerned, its active matrix drive technology is the mainstream of thin film transistor type, and it is mostly used in notebook computers, animation and image processing products. Simple matrix drive technology is currently dominated by twisted nematics and super twisted nematics. In this case, its current applications are mainly word processors and consumer products. Among them, the required capital investment and technical requirements are relatively high, while the technical and financial requirements required by TN and STN are relatively low.

In fact, the main components include fluorescent tubes, light guide plates, polarizers, filters, glass substrates, alignment films, liquid crystal materials, thin transistors, etc. Of course, what needs to be noted here is that it must also use a backlight, that is, a fluorescent tube to project light. These light sources will first pass through the polarizer and then through the liquid crystal. Of course, at this time, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules is also needed to change the abrasion. The angle at which light passes through the liquid crystal. The light whiskers then pass through a color filter in front and another polarizer. Therefore, as long as we change the voltage value that excites the liquid crystal, we can control the light intensity and color, and then change the color combination of different shades on the liquid crystal panel. 

After passing our introduction above, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of it. When you see him again in the future, you won't feel unfamiliar, and there won't be frequent problems in the process of using it. Well, that's all for today's content, I believe it will bring more exciting knowledge points.